What TechX Participants Are Saying . . .

Sales and marketing are one of the most important aspects in any business. TECH-X offered a very structured and practical approach to how to improve productivity. As a result, we are generating more revenue per day than we have achieved in the past.

Hari Miyagi, F-Matic

I have been putting (the Tech-X) sales training to work the past month. I made the largest single sale in my company’s history today (170k), plus closed another 78k in ongoing business the past two weeks. I have several new sales opportunities for other projects in front of me that I am still trying close. The client chose us over other vendors because she felt that we understood what she was needing to make her project a success. Price was not her top concern. I didn’t think when we started the program that I would be a success story so soon.” P.S. “One more success story – I just signed a $301,000 training development deal this morning. I have now shifted from a company sales problem to a production/operations problem – which I prefer! I am now actively hiring 3-4 graphic designers to help fill (our) new production level.

Todd Corbett, Xcelus

The most beneficial aspects to TECH-X were the resources that came along with it. [TechXperts] drove our brand into 5 radio stations and 4 news appearances within a month span; as well as 6 newspapers and 100’s of articles. [TechXperts] – through their PPC campaign we have closed thousands of dollars in online sales. The mentorship of TECH-X…built our confidence and sales techniques that helped us in closing millions of dollars-worth of contracts throughout the world from various retailers. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity we had to participate in this amazing program!! Thanks

Mike Buonomo, Kisstixx

We have been very fortunate to have worked closely with the business professionals and instructors involved in UtahTECH-X. Our story and position has been unique and challenging to say the least. The TECH-X professionals met with us and went out of their way to make us more successful. These are a few of our successes during the program and the people/strategies that made it happen. *Press Release – we issued a press release written by [TechXperts] that was picked up by thousands of sources nationwide including YahooNews, MSNBC and the Associated Press. *Sales-We were able to expand our vision and take sales to a global level securing million dollar+ contracts in several countries. We used strategies learned from the [TechX program] to secure retail placement at Walmart and present to retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, SuperValue, Winn Dixie, and several more, all of which we plan on closing. *Online-Took our site from an un-optimized non-existent PPC to a sales generating machine. We went from a meager 5-6K a year to over 50K in internet sales. These are just a few of the successes we have seen. I could go on and on. In conclusion, TECH-X has been a great program and has taught us as young inexperienced entrepreneurs how to run and grow a real business! Thanks.

Dallas Robinson, Kisstixx

Tech-X has been an extremely valuable experience for our company. The Tech-X professionals offered a wealth of knowledge to kick-start our business. We developed a robust and comprehensive SMES program working with [TechXperts]. Up until Tech-X, we didn’t have any SMES program. [Mentors] helped us develop a comprehensive marketing strategy by implementing a new CRM / Marketing software. InfusionSoft is now the keystone of all our company’s SMES and marketing activities. Without Tech-X, we may never have known these solutions exist and we would certainly not be where we are at today

Steve McKeon, Rhino Super Cart

Tech X has been a great experience for us. All of the instructors that we worked with really took the time to understand our business and help us develop strategies that fit our needs. We used the skills taught by [the TechX program] to dramatically increase our conversation at our conventions and events. We were also able to work with [TechXperts] on optimizing SEO… that has helped our sales team to close 30% more leads. [The TechX program], really opened our eyes to the capabilities of PR and we were able to put together a PR strategy for our upcoming product launch. More than anything, the program has opened our eyes to the things we need to do to really escalate growth.

Jared Hull, BlueRoof360

Arellia has been preparing to expand our business into new channels and Utah Tech-X has opened our minds and helped us improve on many areas where we have struggled. With the insights from [ TechX ], we have increased our unique visitors to our website by 40% and we expect it to continue to grow as we complete our website redesign this year. Using principles from [the TechX program], we have established direct relationships with the majority of our existing customers which we expect will increase sales to this group. We are also in the process of closing our first deal directly and have many others, both direct and through new partners. Tech-X has been a fantastic program where principles have transformed how we do business and will be the framework for our future growth.

Stephen Brown, Arellia

Being accepted into the Utah Tech-X program was very exciting for me as a business owner. The opportunity to learn from experienced business leaders was a huge compliment and privilege. In Tech-X we learned how to create an effective B2B model through principles taught… We learned how to perfect this process with [TechXperts]… We plan to implement this new sales channel in February 2013. We also had some awesome revenue increasing ideas from [TechXperts]. We plan to implement a new custom product line within the next couple of weeks. Between these two concepts, we anticipate increasing revenue of at least $250k. Once implemented, our business will be more diversified, have higher profit margins, and a new sales channel. AWESOME! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Brandon Young, LDSBookstore.com

Tech-X has provided us an opportunity to be exposed to professionals that have opened our minds to the real possibilities we have in front of us. As accountants, sales/business development has been an uncomfortable process that often takes back seat to serving clients; however, Tech-X has shown us that the sales process doesn’t have to be difficult, but is as easy as getting to know and better understand people and their needs. A couple of things stood out as we went through the program. [TechXperts] helped us to create a united message and helped us understand how we should position ourselves to our different audiences. [The TechX program] has been helpful as we disseminate the sales process throughout the organization. Although we currently generate good traffic to our website, [TechXperts] have helped us hone in on changes we can make to our website to convert visitors to leads. I think the biggest value has come from meeting and interacting with professionals who are genuinely interested in our success. I am sure I will maintain and value those relationships well into the future.

Brad Jones, CFOWise

We have been blessed to attend Utah Tech-X and learn from their amazing mentors. Before Tech-X, our website produced little to no leads. With the help of [TechXperts], we will soon have a new website optimized for placement and designed to improve traffic and closing ratios. What we have learned from [TechXperts] has helped us design a social media and PR marketing strategy that was previously confused and sporadic. With the help of [TechXperts], we have resurrected our inside sales department and now we are generating 3 times the number of on-site appointments that we were getting from our outsourced services, while doing it at half the cost. With what we have learned from [TechXperts], we are improving our closing ratios, we are increasing sales, we are expanding our sales, and marketing efforts. We understand not only what we do, but why we do it, and we are able to effectively troubleshoot problems we face.

Joseph Jenkins, BearCom Building Services

TECH-X helped us work through some serious technical issues and we were able to successfully launch at Tech Crunch Disrupt and be featured on the biggest tech blog in the U.S. (“Mashable”) and be written about 58,000 times across the internet. TECH-X is an invaluable experience worth every minute I spent under its guidance. It has been like having the most active awesome advisory board and team of peers backing you up. Success is an inevitable reaction to the . . . TECH-X program.

Zach Oates, Imply Labs

TECH-X has been fabulous. The training has been very professional and has helped our company really refine our sales pitch. Since participating in TECH-X, we have increased our sales by over 200%. We are in 4 new markets and we were just featured in TechCrunch which greatly increased our exposure. We couldn’t be happier with the help and training that we were provided with both the marketing and sales side of the business. We also have been thrilled with the new relationships we have built and the quality we’ve added to our network. Thanks again to all the TECH-X mentors!
I’ve been through TechX twice now and have found it extremely useful both times. I think anyone who has a company that is looking to grow sales can benefit from the program. It causes you to think critically about your sales and marketing efforts and to make goals for improvement.
I would definitely recommend it.

Ken Frei, Screenie

I applied for TECH-X because I wanted to transform the sales and marketing part of my business from offering services to offering products. This program has exponentially accelerated my company in this direction, and we now are reaping the benefits. We shortened our sales cycle from 20 hours down to 2 hours. We now have more leads and a bigger pipeline than in our entire 5 year history.

Ken Kaufman, CFOWise

This is an awesome program! Our sales last month were nearly 3x our highest month before TechX started.

Matt Sederberg,T-Splines

I have participated in incubator programs in the past, but when it comes down to it TECH-X focuses on what is really important, sales and marketing. Each week I left with value added deliverables that ultimately helped increase our sales. [During the program] we pivoted to a model where we can now sell our product for 10% of our customers’ revenues.

Brigham Arce, OnlineTherapy.com

TECH-X has been a very valuable program for BestShred. Coming into the program I hoped to be able to improve our web presence, hone our pay-per-click campaigns and develop a customer referral program. I have made excellent progress on the first two goals and feel that I have the foundation in place to execute on the last goal. The quality of the instructors has been outstanding! They are truly leaders in their respective fields and are genuinely interested in the success of each of the participants. I offer my sincere thanks for having accepted BestShred into the program and for having spent so much time and effort in our behalf.

Brett Bailey, BestShred

[The TechX program] helped us more clearly communicate the benefits our firm provides and defines and shortens our online process. [TechXperts] have been an incredible resource to focus our online marketing efforts in the right areas. This has resulted in a clear strategy to convert more of our leads into customers. [The TechX program] has helped us identify some tools that can significantly improve our lead nurturing with limited staff. The focus on systems and automation will keep people in our funnel much longer than previously possible and ultimately lead to more clients. [The TechX program] helped us identify the most relevant messaging for our target customers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!

Jeff Hall, CFOWise

I have learned things in the program that cannot be learned in school or anywhere else. The program has provided the necessary training to help us communicate with our customers better. Not only do we know what our customers need but we are more efficient at gathering that information and delivering what our customers need in a well thought out presentation.

Bruce Hymas, Zachary Douglass

TECH-X has taught me so much about all aspects of business. Every time I attended, I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. The mentors advice was extremely helpful and valuable. I would recommend TECH-X to any business owner.

Dan Blake, EcoScraps

Tech-X has opened my eyes in several areas of our business. We know we had some very significant differences in the sales process, but I felt they had more to do with personnel than process. I realize now the business had more to do with the process itself, which we were doing a few things well. [TechXperts] helped me to understand there is indeed a system or process. I am excited about our future and implementing a successful approach to build our clientele. I believe the future will be significantly impacted as the skills we have learned filter down to all of our team members. [TechXperts] were an outstanding guide in the process and patiently allowed us to discover for ourselves what we needed to implement. Many extra hours were spent outside of Tech X helping us one-on-one. We were taught some very important principles and have [utilized] important advisers on some key issues within the company. Finally, [TechXperts], helped us all to see a different perspective regarding our website and our goals and objectives. Utah Tech-X has put together an outstanding program and team. Thank you for your efforts to help the businesses of Utah County grow and prosper. You are making a real difference.

Tim Weeks, CFOWise

TECH-X is a fantastic program. Our company is in a much better place and direction than we would have been without them. Our approach to and understanding of sales and marketing is clearer, more directed. It’s really been eye-opening and empowering.

Jason Izatt, TaleSpring

…in regards to the impact that TECH-X has had on our company if ten is the highest then we would definitely give it a 10! We have already started implementing parts of it in our company that are seeing results and excited to move forward with the other things we’ve learned. We have even had an incredible trade show so far and credit part of that success to things we have learned at TECH-X.

Suzanne King, CleanTelligent

Tech-X has been a great opportunity and exercise for our company. We have learned many new things and have learned more about ourselves in the process. Implementing the tools has helped us have 2 consecutive record-breaking months. I would recommend TECH-X for any company looking to improve and grow.

Brandon Rodman, Weave

The Tech X program gave me both a broad overview of how to build my business and the details that allowed me to follow through. It was an excellent experience. Part of the value came from the other participants as well. The most obvious example was how Tech-Xperts helped me with the direct selling process. I was coached directly and personally on how to win a project with Tyson Foods. That project is worth about $250k.

Greg Davidson, The Nature of Strategic Thinking

TECH-X is not only a mentoring program that will propel you business forward, it’s also an opportunity to network your business with local business leaders. The principles taught, when applied will enable your business to achieve the growth you anticipate.

David Przybyla, Parlant Technology

I came into TechX skeptical about the program, the process and motivations. Within one hour of Boot Camp, my mind had been changed. Our company is stronger, more effective, and will be more profitable as a result of our TechX experience. We have already closed sales as a result of TechX and seen improvements in our marketing results.

David Bernstein, F-Matic

We participated in TECH-X while preparing for our biggest trade show of the year. We have been participating in trade shows 5+ years and our largest amount of on the floor sign ups was only 3. This year with the help of the mentors we had 11 sign ups. I contribute the success of us nearly quadrupling our lead conversions on the show floor largely to the help of the mentors and the entire TECH-X program.

Marlyse Chase, CleanTelligent

TECH-X is a three-month “boot camp” designed to hone and improve sales and marketing capabilities. As CEO of a new startup, the program was of huge value in helping me zero in on the highest value launch activities so that we hit the ground running.

Ken Meyers, Speakworks

TECH-X was just what we needed – a shot in the sales arm and the training to help us take our presentations and sales interactions to the next level. It has already had an enormous impact on the way we prepare for and deliver sales presentations. We also are looking forward to developing relationships with some of the other mentors that will help our business grow.

David Oldham, O-Codes

The TECH-X program gave us access to the brightest minds in our ecosystem. With their help we were able to identify and address weak points in our business and focus our work on specific revenue generating activities. I would love to participate again.

Michael Zaro, MealDrop

I strongly recommend utilizing all the professional help offered by TECH-X.

Kasey Beck, MultiLing Corporation

I’m grateful to TECH-X for the opportunity to have such tremendous training, whose timeliness couldn’t have been better for us as we complete our initial product creation and are ready to take it to market. In the past year, in preparation for our launch we tried a few things, but nothing seemed to work. Now we know why, and what we really should have been doing

Jon Richey, eXprescient Inc

TECH-X exposed our company to some great concepts that we are already putting to good use. The relationships built with presenters and fellow classmates alone make the time worthwhile, but the content is gold for our company. I highly recommend to anyone.

Alan Larsen, AboutFace (iAct)

Things are going very fast-paced. We’re hopping on several of the XO projects and have completed several. We’re working closely with [TechXperts] and have redone our website for the third (and hopefully last) time this year!! We’re incredibly grateful to have been chosen for this opportunity and have gained much wisdom and insight into accelerating our business model.

Wendy Bird, Pearls with Purpose

The Sales Traction Xelerator training …has given me a clear outline to conduct my sales efforts in a strategic way. The tools given during the sessions have already made a huge difference in my success such that I screen out potential clients quickly, give much better presentations and have added several new clients. This is an honest sales approach that works.

Heide Ruplinger, MultiLing Corporation

Our experience with TECH-X has been fantastic! We have learned many valuable principals which will become keys to our success as we move forward in our new business. The value of [the TechX program] is incalculable and has become the bedrock of our Sales process and philosophy.

Clyde L. Wixom, ProtectLight Mfg.

With our first commercially-viable software release coming out of Beta, the timing of the TECH-X training could not have been better. Using the principles taught to us in [the TechX program] enabled a couple of engineers (my partner and I) with limited selling skills to close our first deal. Just following [the TechX program] steps made it easy! We are now on our way to closing a second, larger deal. The structured sales approach we were taught has been a huge boost to our confidence and potential for success. Furthermore, when we are able to fully implement what we learned in the SEO and relationship training, we anticipate that those principles are going to be just as valuable to our ongoing success as the sales training has been.

Ron Richey, eXprescient Inc.

The sessions with the trainers were really good. We have implemented the system into our sales organization, and CRM. Thank you for putting this together.

Kevin Santiago, MobyQ, Inc.

Excellent systems and process approach–not only does it focus on achieving a high degree of quality in sales, but makes this scalable

Justin Strong, Pixelture, Inc.

The mentors were demonstrably interested in our success…far beyond what was expected or required of them.

Bryan Bennett, MealDrop

Utah TECH-X – it’s a world class endeavor and should get a standing ovation…

David Whittle, CoolHotNot

While incorporating these techniques into our sales process we have been able to increase our sales and create over 10% new business in the past month.

Michael Petersen, Critical Laser

This is the crash course MBA for startups and small business. Incredibly useful. What they don’t teach you in business school you’ll learn here. Great mentors, great topics. The sales training is the best. This had a tremendous impact on my new business partner’s sales productivity. He had little sales experience before and this has made a huge difference.

Garin Hess, Rapid Intake, Inc. & DemoChimp

The more hands-on workshops the better. The first day (boot camp) was incredible, and VERY valuable.

Jason Petersen, XOLogic

Great Course

Vaughn Cook, Rockwell, Inc.

In Utah TECH-X we were taught how to take our business from incubator and development down the path of future growth and success. As an experienced sales director, I have gained more knowledge in the sales process, creating more confidence in my abilities. As a marketer, I have enlarged my skill set, creating a greater value in strategizing and messaging. Through this education I can confidently say I will create success now and in the future.

Glen Thaxton, Speakworks


Ben Harrison, Big Brainz, Inc.

I liked the individual and customized attention from the instructor/trainers during and outside of classes. We have added and restructured employees and changed lead protocol to prepare for growth and efficiency. We have hired a SEO and social marketing management team and are focusing on so many of the tools that we received at Tech-X.

Diane Bitaraf, Mandalyn Academy

Tech-X has been an awesome experience for us. We have been fortunate to go through the program twice. There is so much valuable information available in the program and the mentors are one of a kind. Every mentor has been more than willing to set aside time to meet with us and apply their expertise. [The TechX program] helped us map out a clear sales process and taught us principles that have helped us increase our closing ratios. With their help, we have taken our software, a complex sale, and turned it into an understandable and exciting sale. [The program] took us from having no web presence to generating 10-15 warm leads a week. [The program] helped us identify our company voice and has helped us prepare for our biggest trade show in January. There are many other success stories that could be mentioned. It has been fantastic working with the Tech-X professionals and we consider our experience invaluable. Thank you Tech-X!

Evan Teshima, ForeUP

We landed interviews with 5 publications at our recent trade show. Additionally we are revamping our sales process, launching a new website and have focused our efforts to build revenues. Update: I prepared a proposal for a longer term engineering engagement based on your proposal template. Our client accepted the proposal and we landed an $84k 12 month engineering contract + ongoing product sales. The relationship is really progressing well and we are excited for the opportunity. Thank you for you help and for sharing your best practices.

Jan Finlinson, Illumra

It is a team project participation. I can’t run and manage everything and I like that they invite your whole team to attend and go through the program.

Joel Ragar, ForeUP

For us at Baby Bling, the last 12 weeks have been invaluable. We have learned many things necessary to move forward toward our goals, many things we didn’t even know we needed to know and many ideas for the future. We feel fortunate to have been able to learn from so many business professionals and also fellow Tech-X participants. Thank you …for helping us to communicate more clearly and better understand the needs of our sales representative.Thank you …for so much insight into the most important functions of our website. Thank you …. for helping us recognize the impact of social media and creating a positive image of our company. Thank you …for reminding us of the importance of maintaining a constant relationship with our clients.

Summer Harris and Cyndi Lowry, Baby Bling, LLC

You’re killing me with new sales…this stuff works! We have been very fortunate to participate in the Tech-X program. We have learned from each of the mentors and appreciate the time and the effort they dedicated to help improve our business. We learned different marketing options that are available (some of which we didn’t know existed), and were able to assess the effectiveness to their application to our business. {The TechX program] has had an astounding effect on our company. Applying the principles taught have already affected how we do business and will continue to improve it as we learn more about how to effectively apply them. The potential for change and improvement is limited only by the action we take. Again, we are extremely grateful for the mentor’ time and effort to help our business grow and succeed. Thank you all.

Chuck Little, Regency Mint

UtahTechX has been a fantastic experience. We needed to get our sales out of the quicksand and UtahTechX has helped us accomplish that. We learned how to generate more leads online for a lower cost as well as receiving the skills to close more leads.

Jon Bradshaw, Pantheon Motion LLC

Tech-X has accelerated our growth significantly and has been an amazing experience. When applying for Tech-X initially, we were somewhat skeptical whether this “free offering” would be worth our time, since we are a start-up, young company, when time is so scarce. This was the best few hours we spent each week by far and guided, and directed the rest of the week. The professional depth and breadth of each mentor was impressive. My feeling is that if there were more Tech-X’s in the nation, we could help small businesses drive us out of our recession and improve organizations and people. Our recommendation is to do this if you get the opportunity. Our sales have increased significantly and will continue to increase based on what we have learned and applied from Tech-X.

Val Gregory, Cambeo Group

The Tech-X experience has been great. Thanks so much to all of the presenters. Thanks for the time and effort spent helping me and my company. [The TechX program] has helped our company tremendously. We have done about 1.6 million in sales so far this year and are on track to reach our goal of 10 million in gross sales this year. As of April 10th, we have doubled what we have ever done in a calendar year. [The TechX program] has helped us with our capture and nurturing of clients. We are going to purchase the Infusion Soft software so we can do a better job taking care of our potential customers. [The program] has really helped us with our message. Thanks. [The TechX program] was great. I learned so much about our website. I had hired a company to help us with our website and presence. I have been able to keep them on track with what should be happening with our website because of what I learned in class. [The program] helped with setting up a phone campaign. I am looking forward to becoming an active member. In our meeting, I found that I had several people that are members that I know. I would like to stay in touch and I would be glad to talk about my experience in Tech-X to an upcoming class. Thank you again for everyone and all the great help and information.

Norman Harrison, Progressive Power Solutions, Inc.

The Tech-X Mentors immediately began transforming VOLTI. Mentors genuinely cared about us and our success. Their skill and professionalism was exceptional. Each presentation gave us suggestions that generated ideas which we were able to implement immediately. We learned how to expand our vision, increase our possibilities, develop new habits and innovate. Within eight weeks we were able to generate a 2.444 leads to contracts ratio. Sales in the second quarter will exceed sales of 2011 and 2012.

Charles Acklin, VOLTI

Being able to sit and listen to all the local industry leaders and learn from them was awesome. Having their help really cuts down the learning curve associated with all the different aspects of running a business. Have real world knowledge shared and taught in that type of environment was great. There was so much real world application that could take place after each class.

Dan Probst, CruxCase

Really liked the course! Thank you for the opportunity to be involved! It was time well spent and we look forward to applying the knowledge received!

Duane Newman, Decisions

Tech-X was a great way for “scott james jewelry” to realize the potential of our business and to see different opportunities for growth that we were not taking advantage of. Through the Tech-X program we were able to look at what areas we needed to focus on as a company and from there implement a targeted plan to move forward and achieve our desired goals.

Scott Whitaker, Scott James Jewelry

There is no way to pick one thing I liked best about Tech-X. Here are just a few things that I absolutely loved that have lead to results: [The TechX program] helped us develop a messaging document that has changed the way we speak, write, and present ourselves. [They] also helped us develop a PR release (going out in a week or so) to capitalize on our product review. [TechXperts] helped us completely revamp our website for lead generation conversion. We added 21 new pages with incredible content and a call to action on each page. Now the website flows in a way that helps us capture our potential customers highest level of commitment. [The TechX program] taught us principles that have helped my personal close rates go from just below 50% to over 75%. In the first 4 months of 2013, we have sold 2/3 of what we sold for the year 2012. [TechXperts] are setting us up with a CRM. Need I say more. We desperately need this. Fruits to follow. I loved it all. I enjoyed it all. I loved getting to know the other companies. I loved the atmosphere. I can’t say enough.

Rich Hoopes, TranquilMed

With what we have learned through TechX we grew revenues over 900% and decreased our sales cycle by 67%. It is simple, apply what you learn at TechX and grow your sales.

Tim Hunt, Quick Request

The Mentors at Tech-X helped tremendously. We have been able to significantly improve our marketing message and make it more focused and and with a stronger impact. We have aligned our website for a smooth entry into the SEO and PPC world. We were also able to make significant improvements to our video strategy. Thanks to tech X, we will be a completely different company when we re-launch our product. Tech X is a great program and we are definitely grateful for having been able to participate in it.

Alex Shatkin, Phytobase

It’s hard to express my gratitude for TechX. The selfless manner which top-of-the-field industry experts share their time and expertise is really quite astonishing. The [TechX] processes have changed the way I view life. [The Program] helped me understand how to put a value on Google Analytic Goals as well as having focused targeted landing pages. From the time we started TechX, we’ll have increased our monthly revenue by more than 50% in 4 months. Tech-X has been so critical to our success, I can’t express my gratitude enough. In fact, the value of Tech-X is much greater than 100k for SimpleNexus. We’ve been able to close more and bigger deals as a result, acquire more leads, and keep more business.

Matt Hansen, SimpleNexus

With the help of what has been learned at TechX we expect to continue our 300%+ revenue growth

Chad Bennett, Lancera

TechX has had an impact on our business. We are now showing up first in google searches and have a sales process that works.

Jared Bradley, MSI M-Vac Systems, Inc.

Tons of valuable and actionable information that can applied to any business today to make it better.

James Smyth, Scholar Box

We liked the weekly meetings and the one-on-one interactions with the mentors and talking specifics. We felt like the mentors genuinely cared and wanted to help us. It has changed the way we do business.

Michael Johnson, Summit Engineering Group

The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) has benefited greatly from the TECH X Program. We deeply appreciate the time and effort given and each one of the mentors.

Paula Fellingham, The Women’s Information Network

We found the insights extremely useful, especially for a B2B Software company. Not only did we receive useful content, but it threw us together with other people in our same situation. Starting a business has been a really lonely endeavor for us, so having friends that could relate to your challenges and support you through them has been fabulous. In addition to the things we’ve mentioned above, we found that the individual personalized access that we were given to the mentors was extremely valuable (and very kind as well!). When we took the time to reach out to them for meetings, they gave us very helpful feedback and such personal and thoughtful responses on how we could move forward in our business.

Craig Scribner, Tracking First

We have been able to implement a lot of what we learned at Tech-X and are experiencing tremendous growth as a result. We have increased our number of client companies more than 2-1/2 times and continue to grow at an incredible rate! We have more than doubled revenue since first going to Tech-X and it is very exciting.

Brady Anderson, CEO, Sales Rabbit

I am very proud to report our growth and numbers to you as we have participated in the Tech-X program. I was so excited when we got accepted into the program because I knew of the past record of Tech-X and how much you have helped so many companies in the past. I wasn’t expecting to have as much growth as we did, because I did not understand at the time how this program would help us do that. However, we have experienced incredible growth since we have started Tech-x. As of January 1st, 2013 we only had 17 paying customers. We are so proud to say that as of today we have 80 paying customers, and approximately 15 more customers that have said yes, whom we will be setting up a system account for within the next week. By the beginning of June we are looking to have over 100 paying customers. We have had about a 400% increase in customers and have quadrupled our monthly revenue since January. We are very excited about what our company has been able to do the last few months and the direction we are headed.
We are so grateful for Tech-X and the information and lessons we have been able to learn and implement within our company. I would love to go through Tech-X again because I feel like we have barely dipped our foot in the water with what we could learn and accomplish while doing Tech-X again.

Sean Huckstep, Sales Rabbit

Several Tech X graduates last night shared that they actually had to STOP their marketing efforts they started with Tech X because they couldn’t keep up with the influx of new customers. Now that’s a glowing recommendation!

Cedro, KPI Fire

The TechX program was an great combination of training, consulting, and mentoring. We learn so much from the excellent mentors involved in this program. Each of them was very willing to share their vast business experience and areas of expertise. Chuck helped us understand our sales processes and helped us develop a more intentional approach to sales. Bruce helped us take our online marketing to the next level with PPC advertising. We are getting more leads now than we can handle. Garin has been a great mentor in several ways, but his product (DemoChimp) has significantly improved the quality of leads that we get, because they have already seen a demo before they get to our sales people—saving us time and shortening the sales cycle.As a results of the improvements made in these—and other—areas, our revenue is already double last year’s, and we still have 5 months to go.

Jake White, Prometheus Development, Inc.

We grew our company 64% last year, thanks in large part to TechX. Our goals this year is to grow the company 144%.

Dave Franz, Intuitive IT Solutions

I recommend TechX for three reasons: (1) You meet and interact with fantastic people.
(2) You will learn a lot. (3) TechX focuses on sales and marketing. What every company needs is more customers.

Derik Krauss, JobPiper

It’s official! eLearning Brothers is one of the fastest growing private companies in America in 2014! — eLearning Brothers ranked #331, reporting 1,406% growth Inc. 500 List.

Andrew Scivally, eLearning Brothers