Welcome to TechX ADVANCED

One of the most frequent sentiments I receive from TechX participants is…how much of a huge difference Chuck Staib has helped make in their organization’s performance and how can they get more of him! A number of you have expressed interest in continuing your TechX experience and getting access to more ongoing training. I’ve been discussing this with Chuck and we’ve put together an on-going ADVANCED program for TechX graduates. (I don’t know if you know this or not, but Chuck can only cover a small portion of what he provides to his regular clients)

I just signed a $301,000 training development deal this morning. I have now shifted from a company sales problem to a production/operations problem – which I prefer! I am now actively hiring 3-4 graphic designers to help fill (our) new production level. Todd Corbett, Xcelus

 What’s included?

  • World Class Ongoing Sales Training Chuck Staib, Award-Winning Advisor
  • Personalized training and tailored content for your entire company
  • Two 90 minute sessions per month
  • $500 per month per company
  • Only TechX graduate companies are eligible and cohort is limited to only 5-8 companies
  • One year commitment with the option to opt-out after 3 months




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