LABS: IDEAL Sales Training

LABS: IDEAL Sales Training

 Chuck Staib / Park City Partners

Chuck Staib


  • Sales Training Boot Camp (afternoon)
  • IDEAL for Sales Teams and on-boarding new hires

The nature of sales is changing, and the role of the sales representative is changing along with it. Technology has created an upheaval that reveals important major trends:

  • Buyers have more information, and they are more reluctant to take risks.
  • Selling is becoming more professional.
  • Social media use is increasing.
  • Sales and Marketing are merging.
  • Sales teams are seeking new approaches to meet the demands of this new environment.

These trends have created a crisis for many companies. Recession has been followed by weak growth, with surveys revealing that as many as HALF of sales reps nationwide are failing to make quota. Sales managers say that up to 60% of their reps are unprepared to use a “trusted advisor” approach in selling activities. And evidence indicates there is a growing disparity between top sales reps and all others on sales teams across the country, with the top 15% of reps generating as much as 90% of revenue.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “natural-born salesperson”— there aren’t people running around in the job market who were born knowing how to sell your company’s products or services, just waiting for you to hire them as sales reps.

The good news is that there is no such thing as a “natural-born salesperson.” Selling is a set of skills that can be taught. Like any set of skills, sales skills can be learned, mastered and relied on to generate consistent, repeatable results.

And these skills can be adapted to sell what you offer your customers, regardless of your industry.

We have taught service companies, manufacturing companies, companies with an outside sales team, companies with an inside sales team, and companies that thought they “only sell online” how to increase sales. How is that possible?


The IDEAL Sales Systemtm is a principle-based approach to sales that incorporates the science of human behavior in an easily understood methodology. There are many principles we teach in the IDEAL Sales Systemtm that can be used immediately. You will feel more prepared to represent yourself and your company to others in a very short period of time.

Engineers, IT support staff, secretaries—“non-sales” employees of all kinds—have used this approach to build the confidence they need to become more effective serving their customers.

“As accountants, sales/business development has been an uncomfortable process that often takes back seat to serving clients; however, TechX has shown us that the sales process doesn’t have to be difficult, but is as easy as getting to know and better understand people and their needs. “                    — Brad Jones, CFOwise

High performance is the natural result of adhering to the principles that generate high performance. The IDEAL Sales Systemtm approach clearly establishes the principles on which successful selling is built, gives participants straightforward methods to use, and includes Xelerating Opportunity (XO) exercises that enhance skills rapidly. These also help create the right mindset for selling success.

The IDEAL Sales Systemtm is straightforward and repeatable:

 I     Introduce yourself and your company.

D    Discover what is important to your prospect.

E    Engage your prospect with a great proposal and close the sale.

A    Adapt your proposal; handle any objections that may arise.

L     Learn more about customers; discover how to add value to the relationship.

We’ve made it easy to know where you are in the sales process.

Knowing where you are will give you clarity about what has been accomplished. Knowing where you are gives you insight into where you want to go next so you can set appropriate objectives. Knowing where you are gives you confidence that you are heading in the right direction and making progress toward a close.

And there are just a few key principles you need to understand and use at each step along the way. Each section will follow this format:

Key Principles –       Major ideas you need to understand and use.

Definition –                Explanation of the topic we are covering in this section.

Objectives –              What you want to accomplish at this point in the sale.

Skills –                        The important skills you need to learn.

XOs –                          Exercises to help you develop proficiency in essential sales skills.

Takeaways –             What was important to you about this topic? What did you learn?

As you go through TechX, we’ll show you how to introduce yourself to leads, move prospects through your sales pipeline, close more business, and keep more of your existing customers.

Now that’s IDEAL!

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