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Presentations & Content Materials – FALL 2015

Presentations & Content Materials – Winter Semester 2015


Accelerating Opportunities (XOs) – Required  Projects


Discovery is the key step in the selling process. Developing a more effective Discovery will enhance trust, increase likability, build relationships and result in more sales

Understanding the 3 pillars of internet marketing and which lever to pull is crucial to online success.

Press Media1
Using the Lifecycle Marketing Planner record ideas and insights about the biggest opportunities you see.

Using the principles of the IDEAL Sales System to create, review and edit consistent messaging throughout all company media

Snapp Conner
Consistent and succinct messaging can be used over and over again to create awareness and brand recognition.

Accelerating Opportunities (XOs) – Elective Projects



Each week, the 1MC program offers two local entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs.

Beehive spotlights Utah startups; organize events tailored to the startup and tech community; report Utah startup and tech news; conduct in-depth interviews; and write extensive profile stories on Utah’s most compelling entrepreneurs — focusing on their latest ventures, past failures, and greatest achievements

Legal review of agreements; sales contracts, etc.

Corporate Alliance
Key relationships need to be developed and nurtured. Creating a way to measure, follow up and having a relationship-based marketing plan is essential for any successful business.

Get lead conversion 4X industry average, then drive up close rates by quickly building consensus during the sales using personalization technology and Demolytics


How to describe a fundable sales and marketing strategy to investors. Entrepreneurs that ask for money for sales and marketing activities without being able to adequately explain what they will spend the money on and why they have chosen those particular ways of using the investor’s capital.

Based on industry-leading research, tools are specifically designed for responding to leads and inquiries quickly and thoroughly, dramatically increasing contact and qualification rates, and driving sales.


AIDA stands for “Attention,” “Interest,” “Desire” and “Action.” This marketing method is a very effective at grabbing your prospect’s attention and guiding them into your sales funnel. It is most effective when used in promotional materials that are seen by prospects in the initial phase of the sales process. Press Media will print 100 copies of the flyer or brochure free of charge.

JobPiper “clones” top salespeople. We help companies increase revenue, decrease turnover, and become legendary by “cloning” top salespeople for our clients. We’ve helped companies like MX accurately predict the success of new salespeople.

Press Media1
An Email Nurturing Series can be a powerful lead magnet to attract prospects. Powered by InfusionSoft.

As seasoned social media strategists and content creators, we build and maintain your social media presence by creating original posts relevant to your industry and consistent with your brand.

Any successful marketing campaign begins with an accurate lead list. Once you have a targeted lead list your next step is to have conversations with decision makers who meet your criteria. That requires calling and setting appointments with the help of their gatekeepers.

Learn the power of PPC, both for an ROI and for website purposes.

Google and other search engines look for specific things to help your site rank well. This XO will help you understand techniques, implement strategies, and track results.

To understand the power of Video and YouTube and how to optimize your business’s YouTube videos/channel so that your content can be found and viewed by potential customers.

Snapp Conner
Get found: Help prospects find you online. Pitch: Send targeted pitches to customized media lists. Create: Get content for your own blog, and submit it to others. Analyze: Measure and improve your Online ROI.

TRUSS is a sales and marketing powerhouse to brand, package, market, promote and sell client products and services within the retail, OEM and specialty channels.

While you’re increasing traffic to your site, we find ways to increase how many of those visitors choose to become paying customers.

Re-design your company’s sales proposal using the IDEAL Sales System to create powerful tool.

Methodology for continuous re-alignment with customers: getting them to stay longer, buy more, and tell their friends.

Not having a well thought through investor pitch can mean the difference between funding and not being funded.

Volti’s Team Performance Alignment System changes the team that you have into the team that you want through process improvement strategies.


Automate Lead Capture · Automate Email Follow Up · Tools to Close More Sales and Automates marketing tasks with a built-in CRM.



HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.