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Utah Accelerator TechX Set to Launch Next Cohort

August 15, 2014, by  Beehive Startup

OREM, Utah- August 15, 2014-Utah Accelerator TechX Set to Launch Next Cohort, Currently Accepting Applications. The program has graduated more than 80 companies, who have gone on to generate a combined revenue of nearly $100 million with an employee base of more than 750 people. TechX is a 12-week revenue accelerator designed to help companies address three major problems: generating more leads, closing more business, and keeping more customers.

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Utah TechX Participants Create Jobs

OREM, Utah- November 14, 2013– Utah Tech-X celebrates the success of 10 companies who created 39 new jobs for Utah County, this year, at their TechX Top 10 awards & graduation gala. The award ceremony was held at the Lake View Room at the Utah Valley University Library with the UVU Business Resource Center as the event sponsor. Tech-X celebrated Progressive Power Solutions as this year’s #1 company. Progressive Power Solutions created 7 jobs, has 15 employees, and increased their revenue 150%. Today’s top 10 graduates created 39 jobs,  employ 160 people, and have combined revenue of over $18,000,000, representing a 41% sales increase over the this last year.

Launch Leads & TECH-X, Mentor Utah Businesses to Boost Sales

SALTLAKE CITY—August 12, 2011—Launch Leads ( Boot camp whips soldiers in to shape, now just think of what it can do for your business. The Provo Technology Accelerator (TECH-X), is gearing up to hold its annual business boot camp and 12 week program Aug. 25. The camp provides expert-driven mentoring, with proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools to businesses, all at no cost to participants.
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EcoScraps Announces Rapid Growth, Continuing Milestones (TECH-X Graduate)

With $73,000 in revenue in 2010, and a projected $1,5 Million in 2011, EcoScraps, the premier provider of organic soil amendments through full-circle sustainability, has created over 100,000 cubic feet of compost by saving landfills of three million pounds of food waste, and reducing the carbon emissions of the planet by the equivalent of 8,333 cars not driving for a month.
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TECH-X presents @ UVEF’s Crunch Lunch

Thursday, January 13, 2011, by UVEF

TECH-X Preview – Crunch Lunch Style. The event gave 8 presenters five minutes each the opportunity to present a rapid-fire presentation of concentrated business advice, tips, and ideas. Topics moved so fast the audience….