EcoScraps Announces Rapid Growth, Continuing Milestones

EcoScraps Announces Rapid Growth, Continuing Milestones

-Full-Circle Sustainability Premium Organic Soil Producer Creates Expansion Through Strategic Relations and Environmental Concern-

Provo, UT, July 6, 2011 –With $73,000 in revenue in 2010, and a projected $1,5 Million in 2011, EcoScraps, the premier provider of organic soil amendments through full-circle sustainability, has created over 100,000 cubic feet of compost by saving landfills of three million pounds of food waste, and reducing the carbon emissions of the planet by the equivalent of 8,333 cars not driving for a month.

Sold under the Harvest Plenty and Clean Earth Soils brands, the success of EcoScraps can be attributed to its business model and partnerships, which have resulted in vast recognition for their business and contribution to the environment.

Business Model

The EcoScrapsBusiness model creates revenue through the entire process, namely:

  • Waste produce retrievalEcoScraps collects leftover produce that would otherwise go to landfills, from large chains such as Costco, at a reduced rate than disposal companies.
  • Carbon emissions credits– Through EcoScraps’ proprietary manufacturing process, they save the environment from harmful carbon emissions, and collect carbon credits, which can be sold to other manufacturing companies
  • Premium organic soil amendments– Through their full-circle sustainability process, EcoScraps creates premium soil amendments which are safer and more effective than chemical-based and manure-based fertilizers.


Due to the attractiveness of EcoScraps full-circle sustainability process and products, they have been able to create partnerships with companies such as Costco, Fresh Market, and Bashas, for both food waste procurement and compost distribution. They have also partnered with mentor and funding organizations such as Provo City’s Business Development Corporation and TECH-X Business Accelerator program.

“As young entrepreneurs, we have surrounded ourselves with organizations and people with expertise, in order to insure our success,” said Dan Blake, EcoScraps CEO. “Organizations such as Provo City’s Business Development Corporation and TECH-X Accelerator programs have helped provide both funding and mentorship to propel EcoScraps to the next level of growth.”


EcoScraps has won several awards such as the 2010 Sparkseed Innovator, 2010 SOCAP Scholar, #2 Emerging Student Company, Utah Student 25, and 2nd place and audience award winner at the BYU SVC 2010 Competition. Additionally, they have been highlighted on the cover of Inc. Magazine.

Growth & Plans

Since inception, EcoScraps has grown to a dynamic company with manufacturing in Utah and Arizona, 14 employees, and continued plans for growth. They have received numerous requests, domestically and internationally, for expansion, and are planning additional production sites in several western states.

About EcoScraps

EcoScraps is an organic soil manufacturer that was established in 2010. The company recycles food waste into a nutrient-rich organic soil conditioner. EcoScraps products enrich the soil, helping gardeners grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way. Through this process landfill waste and methane emissions are reduced. Visit or call 801-513-3330 for more information.

EcoScraps Contact:
Brandon Sargent, EcoScraps
(801) 513-3330
PR Contact:
Randy Scott, Snapp Conner PR
801 994-9625

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