Sales and Growth – Nov 2010


TECH-X Provides Free Sales and Growth Mentoring to Utah Companies

By Business Wire

PROVO, Utah – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Provo City’s first round of TECH-X sales and growth mentoring, free of charge with the help of Griffin Hill and regional business experts, has helped produce a sales increase of more than 28% for the seven companies who participated in the program. Now, The Business Development Corporation of Provo Tech Xelerator Executive Director Roger Andrus is accepting applications for Round Two.

“The TECH-X initiative is a collaborative effort by leading companies in the community, to help other local companies optimize their sales process,” said Andrus. “With the first course completed by seven companies, we have already seen an increase in 18 employment positions and a sales increase of 28.6% over 2009.” Companies that completed the first course are Connect Networks, MobyQ, Pixelture, Rapid Intake, T-Splines, XOLogic, and Zachary Douglas.

The TECH-X Sales Acceleration course is a 12-week course, starting on January 27, 2011, teaching fundamentals in Lead Generation, Public Relations, Lead Flow Optimization, and Sales Flow Optimization and Closing. Companies interested in attending this course, or participating as a curriculum contributor, can complete the formal application by clicking here. The course is limited-enrollment, with 10-12 companies accepted into each course.

“We are excited to participate as a curriculum contributor in the TECH-X initiative,” stated Dave Elkington, CEO. “With our expertise in Lead Response Management (LRM), we can assist other Utah companies in maximizing their revenue through sales and lead generation.”

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