Are you closing or closing the door on opportunities?

Are you closing or closing the door on opportunities?

Are you closing

You shake hands with your newest client, finally closing a deal with them. You’re finished now, right? Wrong.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of sales is that of “closing” the sale. Unfortunately, sales professionals make such a big emphasis on “closing” sales that they’ve forgotten an essential part of selling: what comes after the “close”. The problem with the word “close” when referring to sales is that it indicates that something has come to an end, but in all actuality, the “close” should be looked at as the beginning a relationship between you and your customer.

As a salesman, you’ve worked extremely hard to satisfy your customer and to help them as best as possible (at least we hope so). At this point you’ve invested your time and energy into this client and now you’re just going to throw it away because you “closed” the deal? That makes no sense. Why don’t you try something different?

Think of each successful “closing” as an open door to many more successes. You need to continue to look for ways to add value to your customer. You need to nurture that newly founded relationship by building more trust. The more you’re willing to invest in them, the more they’ll be willing to invest in you.

Here is a few post-close questions to help you:

  • What is important to your customer? Finding out what is important to your customer will allow you to understand more fully how you and your company can provide a solution to their problems.
  • What did they say they needed when they first came to you? As a customer there’s nothing worse than having someone trying to sell you on a product you don’t actually need. Make sure you’re focused on helping your customer.
  • What expectations did your customer leave with after you closed the sale? Did you meet those expectations? Did you say you were going to follow up, and if you did, did you? If you didn’t meet your customer’s expectations then pick up the phone and make sure you do.

By answering these questions you can see where there is room to improve. The answers to these questions will help you to map out a game plan as you continue to work with this client in the future. Successful salesmen are relationship builders, good listeners, and provide the best results for the customer and the company.

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