TechX Advanced Instructors

Chuck Staib – Advanced Sales Techniques

If you are attending this class, you have previously had a successful experience by attending TechX. You therefore know how powerful Chuck’s teachings can be! You’ll build upon the sales foundation that Chuck helped you create, and then your sales team will add to and refine their sales techniques. 

Ready for even more sales? It’s time to take your sales training to the next level!


Bruce Rowe – Advanced Website Optimization

After a few years of overseeing the TechX program, Roger came to Bruce and asked if there are additional things that Bruce knows and could teach TechX participants. Bruce laughed!

There are so many additional SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate optimization concepts that don’t get addressed in TechX. Hopefully your Google Analytics data collection efforts have been going well, and you’ve implemented the basic SEO and PPC techniques Bruce taught you previously. TechX Advanced allows everyone to get even better at website optimization!



Roger Andrus – Which Concepts Should You Apply?

Of course, it truly wouldn’t be a TechX event without Roger Andrus! As you attend the advanced event, you’ll come across a bunch of new ideas and concepts to implement. Roger will be available throughout the day to talk with you about which concepts make the most sense to implement for you at your stage of business. 



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