TechX Advanced Pricing

TechX Advanced is Free?!?

Remember, in order to attend TechX Advanced, you have met the following criteria:

  • You have previously attended the full TechX program, or you have been a participant of TechX Tuesdays for at least 6 months
  • You have successfully implemented several things you learned during TechX
  • You have seen an increase in leads, sales, customers, etc
  • You see the value in what you have learned in TechX
  • You are ready for more!

If you meet the criteria above, Roger, Chuck and Bruce want to help you sustain and accelerate your growth. Please attend our next TechX Advanced class! Ask Roger for more information, or click the links below:

Learn More about TechX Advanced

Sounds intriguing. When’s the next TechX Advanced Class?

Who teaches us during TechX Advanced?

How do I sign up for TechX Advanced?