TechX Calendar

TechX has lots of parts and pieces to it. Hopefully by reviewing the TechX Calendar, you’ll get a better idea of how all the pieces fit together. In summary:

  • Those new to TechX should learn more about and signup for the next TechX Labs event. These take place once per quarter in various locations.
  • People familiar with TechX should learn more about and signup for TechX Tuesdays. These events happen every month at the MATC campus in Lehi.
  • Past TechX participants should learn more about and consider attending an upcoming TechX Advanced class. These take place twice per year at various locations.

While the TechX Calendar shown below is subject to change, it will give you a brief idea of when the different types of TechX events typically take place each year. Please check the schedule pages of the TechX event that is most interesting to you.