TechX Tuesday Course Schedule

TechX Tuesdays

Every month, participants in TechX attend a full day session. While the schedules vary each month, in general, the day will follow an outline similar to what is shown below.

Time Topic Instructor
8:30 – 10:30 Increasing Sales Chuck Staib
10:30 – 12:00 Lead Generation Varies Each Month
12:00 – 1:00 Peer to Peer Lunch Roger Andrus


Increasing Sales

At this point, Chuck Staib will continue his ongoing sales training with you. He’ll discuss what was covered in the last class, find out successes and discuss implementation obstacles. New concepts will be presented each month, and you’ll have ample time to practice the new skills you are learning. He’ll also discuss your implementation strategies for the new topics he introduced during that specific class.

Lead Generation

Each month, we’ll take some time looking at ways to generate more leads. In most cases, Bruce Rowe from Sebo Marketing will help you make progress with your website, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search Console, etc.

Peer to Peer Lunch

In TechX, lunch time isn’t a break time! All the participants will take turns getting feedback from other participants. This is a great time to ask about new ideas, challenges you’re facing, and share thoughts with others. Many people think the insights gained here can revolutionize their business! Following the peer to peer discussion, Roger Andrus will lead participants through some key financial exercises important to running your business by the numbers.

This systematic process followed month after month after month will help you Generate More Leads, Close More Business, and Keep More Customers!

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