TechX Tuesdays

Generate More Leads – Close More Business – Keep More Customers

TechX Tuesdays is the flagship program of TechX. When you are ready to Generate More Leads, Close More Business, and Keep More Customers, you are ready for TechX! 

TechX is a world-class Revenue Accelerator which provides participating companies one-on-on mentoring from sales and marketing experts. The program includes proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools for rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results helping companies address their three biggest problems: Generating More Leads, Closing More Business, and Keeping More Customers.

We’ve helped more than 100 companies increase sales an average of 2.46X and combined revenues exceed $145 million.  Participants report more than $120+ million in liquidity events of exits and follow-on capital infusions.

What Does TechX Offer My Company?

$94,335+ worth of mentoring, training, tools and cutting-edge resources. (This value figure is not fluff…. Roger asked each mentor to provide the actual value of what they charge actual customers for these types of services.)

Sales Training

Chuck Staib will provide extremely valuable Professional Sales Training. You need to have a Sales Process & System. Chuck will help you set this up. He’ll also teach you the following concepts:

  • Turning Suspects Into Prospects
  • The Importance of Positioning
  • Understanding What Motivates Prospects
  • Knowing Your Features, Advantages and Benefits (aka Are You Selling What They’re Buying?
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Moving the Chains
  • Breaking Down Barriers to the Close
  • The Power of Word Choice and Question Order
  • Taking Control of the Conversation—A Unique Approach for Building Trust and Setting You Apart
  • Qualifying the Prospect
  • The “Epiphany of Value”
  • Creating and Protecting Your Competitive Advantage
  • Accelerating Sales Success
  • The Sales Process: Presenting Powerful Proposals, Assuming the Close, Powerful Calls to Action, Maintaining Momentum in the Sales Funnel, Building the Relationship After the Sale, Fulfilling Promises, Turning Satisfied Customers Into Cheering Fans, and Generating Testimonials


Website Optimization

Bruce Rowe from Sebo Marketing will help you understand the 3 Pillars of Internet Marketing which ensures that you do the right things at the right times to increase your odds of online success. You likely have a Google Analytics account (if you don’t, please learn more about TechX Labs). However, it’s not likely that your Analytics account, with Search Console and Tag Manager are configured the right way.

Bruce will help you create an actual Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account during the program to drive and capture relevant traffic. You’ll start understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learn specific strategies to implement that will directly result in more free visitors coming to your site each and every month! 

PR, Social Media and Messaging

From several mentors, you’ll learn that consistent and succinct messaging can be used over and over again to create awareness and brand recognition. Find out how to leverage social media for content and connections. Properly utilize the power of a tradeshow with the media to gain more exposure and ROI.

Key Relationship Development

Key relationships need to be developed and nurtured. Creating a way to measure, follow up and have a relationship-based marketing plan is essential for any successful business

Lifecycle Marketing, Email & Direct Mail, and Print Collateral 

An Email Nurturing Series can be a powerful lead magnet to attract prospects. AIDA stands for “Attention,” “Interest,” “Desire” and “Action.” This marketing method is very effective at grabbing your prospect’s attention and guiding them into your sales funnel. It is most effective when used in promotional materials that are seen by prospects in the initial phase of the sales process.

Video Development

If you complete specific tasks during the TechX program, you will have the opportunity to make a free 60 second Video Introduction for your company! We’ll also teach you about a “video hook”. A hook is something interesting that will tell the viewers why they should watch your video and what is unique about your offering.

Remote Professional Sales and Technology Platform

Based on industry-leading research, tools are specifically designed for responding to leads and inquiries quickly and thoroughly, dramatically increasing contact and qualification rates, and driving sales.

And much, much more…

Is TechX only for Tech Companies?

NO! Manufacturers, Retailers, Schools, Software, Hardware, Digital Media, Online, Physical Products, Medical Device and Consulting services type companies have all participated in the program in the past and received tremendous value. Check out our partial list of past TechX Participants.

What Type of Companies Benefit from TechX?

Companies that are teachable, sales ready, have clearly identified customers and channels, and have the ability to execute.