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TECHX Revenue Accelerator – Generate More Leads – Close More Business – Keep More Customers

We’ve helped more than 100 companies increase sales an average of 51.3%+. Last year their combined revenues exceeded $100 million and participants rate the impact of TechX on their performance as an 8.32 on a scale of 1 to 10. One graduate sold their company for 30 times revenues.

Program Highlights

  • The value of the program is over $100K from sales and marketing experts
  • Year-round mentoring. Includes in-class workshops (each cohort includes at least 6 weekly sessions – 4 all day and 3 half day), on-site one-on-one mentoring, and distance learning formatted curriculum. (see attached tentative schedule)
  • Sessions included both lectures, materials and accelerating opportunities (XOs)
  • Special access to capital.
  • TechX Members’ Access Area (includes course materials and 120 days free access)
  • A small tuition is collected from participants to insure participation, provide materials, and cover food costs. (Ask about possible tuition reimbursement/scholarships for successful graduates)
  • Limited to selected companies
  • TechX clients include:
    • Companies from start-ups to those with 50+ employees;
    • Companies with no revenue, and companies with over $15MM in revenues;
    • Manufacturers, Retailers, Schools, Software, Hardware, Digital Media, Online, Physical Products, Medical Device and Consulting services.

What participants are saying